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From "Roshan A. Punnoose" <rpunno...@proteus-technologies.com>
Subject RE: [FELIX] OBR tied to the BundleContext
Date Tue, 04 Dec 2007 13:30:43 GMT
Actually I found my issue. What happened is the LocalResource in the
ResolverImpl does find all bundles associated in the current
BundleContext and will update with the latest stream if an update is
required. However, my bundle that I wanted to update had a
symbolicName=temp;singleton=true, and the repository xml did not have
the "singleton" property. So the ResolverImpl did not recognize that I
had a "temp" bundle already installed and only required an update. What
should happen I believe is that the LocalResourceImpl should parse the
symbolicName to "temp" and not "temp;singleton=true". 


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From: Richard S. Hall [mailto:heavy@ungoverned.org] 
Sent: Monday, December 03, 2007 4:36 PM
To: dev@felix.apache.org
Subject: Re: [FELIX] OBR tied to the BundleContext


I am not sure I understand the situation you are describing.

Adding a repository XML to repo admin will not be impacted by what 
bundles are currently installed in the framework. OBR just maintains a 
list of available bundles. If you try to install a bundle from a 
repository, OBR's resolve process will look at what is installed locally

to make decisions about what it needs to download.

If a bundle is already installed, it should not download it again, 
unless it determines that it needs a different version or something.

-> richard

Roshan A. Punnoose wrote:
> Hi,
> Looking into the OBR code, I think it might be useful to have the OBR
> RepositoryAdmin tied to the BundleContext and the bundles that are
> already active in OSGi container. Right now, I am running the felix
> bundle in Equinox, but it does not tie to the BundleContext. So when I
> try and add an OBR repository xml containing plugins that already
> in the container, it throws an exception because these bundles already
> exist in the container. However, if the OBR bundle was tied to the
> BundleContext, it should see that there are already Resources/Bundles
> available to the container and not try and deploy these.
> I can see where to do it in the code, and I can submit a patch for it.
> Is this a path that seems reasonable to you?
> Roshan

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