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From Marcel Offermans <marcel.offerm...@luminis.nl>
Subject Re: [Quick vote] Coding Standard for Import Statements
Date Tue, 18 Dec 2007 20:07:58 GMT
Hello Carsten,

On Dec 18, 2007, at 15:16 , Carsten Ziegeler wrote:

> I think we shouldn't make not a big fuzz about this, but I think we
> should reconsider our coding standard for import statements.
> My idea is to use a quick vote where people just state their  
> preference
> for this thing. After the vote is finished, we just use the choice of
> the majority - no vetos, no discussions etc. To change the coding
> standard we need at least three votes for the proposed way.

If you don't mind, I do have a comment about this quick vote. Let me  
start by stating that I think that coding standards are important. In  
fact, I was one of the people who pushed for them and came up with the  
draft for the first version of the document.

However, I think the real discussion we should have is about  
formatting source code. Do we want to somehow make sure all code is  
formatted exactly the same? Does this mean we need to standardize on a  
single IDE or a separate formatting tool?

I think that is the issue we ran into. You changed some existing code  
and reformatted using your IDE. Richard does not always use Eclipse  
and interprets the current coding standard a bit different from you  
(and, to be honest, Richard's explanation of what's currently in the  
standard seems okay to me, although I must admit the current wording  
is not that exact... perhaps even deliberately ;) ).

I don't mind voting on this issue, but my next question would be, are  
you now going to checkout all code, do an "organize imports" on all  
files, and commit that back? This is not only related to organizing  
imports, but to other things mentioned in the coding style too (naming  
of variables, spacing, indentation, ...).

If we are not going to actively keep formatting code, then we should  
probably pay more attention towards preserving as much as possible the  
style of the existing code. That then means you can never "format" or  
"organize imports" (I use Eclipse lingo here because that's what I  
use, but I'm sure NetBeans, IDEA and even vi have similar concepts).

Perhaps this is the time to discuss this further and see if we can  
reach some kind of consensus on the issue.

Greetings, Marcel

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