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From "Lucas Galfaso" <lgalf...@gmail.com>
Subject Re: OSGi TCK
Date Thu, 22 Nov 2007 03:47:22 GMT

> > I have close to every bundle working with Felix as an
> > extension point (one exception is the system bundle and I am not sure
> > if this is possible to be developed as an Eclipse plugin.)
> >
> The system bundle is not really a bundle at all, it is the framework itself.

Sorry if I was not clear, I am not trying to build a bundle out of the
system bundle, I want to trick Eclipse into believing it is one so
some actions (like generating the .jar files that are done
automatically by the Eclipse extension point) is done automatically
when you are debugging.

> >   What I would like to do next, is to integrate the TCK, but there are
> > some things maybe some of you might be able to answer
> >   .) Did Apache lisenced the OSGi TCK?
> >   .) There is an easy way to distribute this TCK?
> >
> The OSGi Alliance has defined some policy for allowing access to the TCK
> to open source projects, but this still needs to be implemented for
> Apache and Felix (i.e., there is some administrative work that needs to
> be done, which I tried to start at one time but lost motivation). I need
> to follow up on this. However, it will not provide for a way to
> redistribute the TCK.

I am sorry that you lost motivation on licensing the TCK, it would be
great to know how Felix is performing over the standard test :-(
My second option was having something like Cruse Control implemented
where the test are performed automaticaly (say) every day on trunk,
but now I see that this would be close to impossible.


> -> richard

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