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From Paul Duffin <pduf...@volantis.com>
Subject Re: Moving bnd to Java 5 ...
Date Tue, 09 Oct 2007 10:53:02 GMT
     I thought that it already was Java 5, certainly I had to use 
retroweaver to run within our build which was Java 1.4 based. I have 
just started using Java 5 and the extra stuff is very nice. Generics are 
a little verbose but you save by reduced casting and even more with type 

Peter Kriens wrote:
> I want to move bnd to Java 5. Not only do I wan to take advantage of
> the generics, I also really like the for loop but most of all the use
> of printf feels so comfortable. I do not see a reason why our
> development tools should stick to 1.4?
> Any ideas?
> Kind regards,
>    Peter Kriens

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