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From "Yang Paulex" <paulex.y...@gmail.com>
Subject Felix on Harmony (was Re: Anyone used Felix succesfully under Harmony?)
Date Fri, 07 Sep 2007 06:32:44 GMT
Hi, All

I saw this topic on felix dev-list today, and interestingly I just tried it
last week, this is what I found, FYI: (Sorry, I just subscribe the list
today so I had to create a new thread on this topic)

Basically Felix cannot run on Harmony out-of-box, whatever version of
Felix/Harmony I'm using (I tried milestone builds, build from trunk....etc
for Felix/Harmony respectively), or whatever trying to create a new profile
or just use existing one, and the most sensible message is
StackOverflowError, which shows that: Felix provides a
URLStreamHandlerFactory, which tried to delegate URLs with well known
protocal like "http" to JSE built in handlers, while on Harmony it failed
and falled back to Felix's factory again, and then the factory asked for the
builtin handler again, thus results in a loop.

After some tracing, I finally found these two constants in
    private static final String DEFAULT_STREAM_HANDLER_PACKAGE = "
    private static final String DEFAULT_CONTENT_HANDLER_PACKAGE = "

IIUC, the two constants are default URLStreamHandler/ContentHandler
implementation's package prefix in Sun JDK. And changing it to corresponding
Harmony ones make Felix run on Harmony happily:

    private static final String DEFAULT_STREAM_HANDLER_PACKAGE = "
    private static final String DEFAULT_CONTENT_HANDLER_PACKAGE = "

I tried to provide a simple patch to make it work on both Harmony and Sun
JDK but failed to find a clue easily so far...the reason is that JSE doesn't
provide a API to get the default URLStream/ContentHandler implementation, so
that Felix's URLHandler, which tried to provide a customized
URLStreamHandlerFactory for "felix" protocal IIUC, must explicitly access
JSE built in handlers via

My current thoughts is, is it possible for Felix's URLHandlers.java to only
handle the Felix interested protocals("Felix://"?), and just ignore others
(return null in createURLStreamHandler()), and actually java.net.URL will
try to handle them with builtin URLStreamHandlers. If I find some time
recently, I'll try if this works. But I'd like to hear from Felix guru at
first if this has any potential problems, i.e., it may be intentional
behavior to load JSE built in handlers at first.

Hopefully this makes sense:).

Paulex Yang
China Software Development laboratory

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