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From Didier Donsez <didier.don...@imag.fr>
Subject Re: UPnP module/project
Date Wed, 26 Sep 2007 19:39:55 GMT
Adam Fisk wrote:

>I'm new to Felix, but I'm wondering how developed the UPnP module is and how
>easy it would be to use on its own.  There's a dearth of strong open source
>UPnP implementations in Java, so I think there's a strong chance the work
>within Felix could become widely used and widely contributed to.
Felix provides a UPnP Base Driver to develop UPnP devices and UPnP 
control points with OSGi

However, use this API is not easy and error-prone.

I put in my Felix sandbox 2 bundles (sandbox/donsez/upnp.devicegen and 
sandbox/donsez/upnp.devicegen.util) to generates UPnPDevice services and 
associated control points (a proxy in fact) according to the OSGi UPnP 
Device Driver 1.1.0 specification.
The generated classes are packaged in a bundle.
The generation is based on XSLT stylesheet from this description 
generation/res/deviceroot.xml and associated SCDP (XML) files.

I hope this helps you


>Can anyone provide a general outline of its state?  I'm personally
>interested in using it for port mappings.  I'd also be happy to help with
>separating it out into its own project if necessary.  I think it should
>ideally be a completely independent Apache project that any others could
>easily use.
>Thanks very much.


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