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From "Richard S. Hall" <he...@ungoverned.org>
Subject Re: Felix-370 Integration
Date Thu, 20 Sep 2007 17:09:42 GMT
Stefano Lenzi wrote:
> Richard S. Hall wrote:
>> Stefano Lenzi wrote:
>>> I have recognized only now that the path which I would like to move 
>>> the plugins to is trunk/tools/maven2/ (not trunk/plugins which I 
>>> mention in my first e-mail) because it looks like the sub-project 
>>> folder which contains all the maven2 plugin developed by Felix.
>>> If the trunk/tools/maven2 path is not correct, do you think we 
>>> should move the project inside that folder to someplace else?
>> Yes, we definitely should. Actually, that is part of our ongoing repo 
>> refactoring...I moved bundleplugin some time ago.
>> We have the following directories to consider:
>>    * tools/mangen - should likely be moved to a trunk directory as a
>>      sub-project.
>>    * tools/plugins/felix-archetype - not sure if this is in use by 
>> anyone.
>>    * tools/plugins/maven-felix-plugin - this should probably be in
>>      someone's sandbox, since it is an idea that is being fleshed out.
> I can move it in my sandbox, I'm interested in developing such plugin, 
> I would like to integrate it with some the works made by the PAX guys.

Feel free to take it over. I think this plugin or something like it 
could be used as the basis for a Felix testing harness.

>>    * tools/plugins/felix-product-plugin - this should also probably be
>>      in someone's sandbox.
>>    * tools/plugins/maven-osgi-plugin - this can either be deleted or
>>      somehow moved into some deprecated location.
> If you want to deprecated it I think we should even close the open 
> JIRA issue of the plugin. My only concern is: what if someone will 
> send a patch for such plugin?

Again, we need to decide how we want to handle this, but from my point 
of view I am content to just let it go out to pasture and turn down 
future request against it. Now that Stuart has added the "embed 
dependency" stuff to bundleplugin, there is no reason to keep using 
maven-osgi-plugin that I am aware of...

maven-osgi-plugin is the precursor to maven-bundle-plugin, just like any 
project that evolves, the users are expected to migrate to the latest 
version (or take over the old version and start managing it themselves).

> In any case I think that a maven2 or plugin sub-project in the root 
> will be perfect as container for all the maven plugin developed by 
> Felix for osgi development.

A "maven2" or "plugin" directory still doesn't make any sense in the 
long run because you always end up with forks in the road that you 
cannot traverse. For example, if we have a sub-project that has some 
sort of integration with Maven, should that go into the "maven2" 
directory or should it be in the sub-project directory to which it 
belongs? This situation actually happened with iPOJO. I believe it makes 
the most sense to put things into the sub-project into which they 
belong, because that sub-project is a self-contained entity.

I see nothing to convince me that the situation has changed, although I 
do understand the human desire to try to categorize everything.

-> richard

> Stefano "Kismet" Lenzi
>> -> richard
>>> Ciao,
>>> Stefano "Kismet" Lenzi

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