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From "Richard S. Hall" <he...@ungoverned.org>
Subject Re: Anyone had issues with subsequent Framework creation & start in single Applet VM lifecycle
Date Mon, 10 Sep 2007 19:25:45 GMT
On a older version of the trunk we had a bug where the global event 
thread was being killed between successive instance of Felix...are you 
on 1.0.0 or on trunk?

-> richard

Rob Walker wrote:
> Hitting an odd scenario.
> When I start my Applet based Felix it works fine first time.
> But if I do a shutdown (by a stop() on Bundle 0) and then attempt to 
> create a new Felix instance and call start() on it, my startup seems 
> to freeze.
> More specifically, I don't seem to get any bundle or framework start 
> events being fired.
> If I use the Java Applet Console to clear the classloader cache (by 
> hitting 'x') - bingo - I can start a new framework.
> This reminds me of other Applet VM cases where statics persisted 
> across Applet starts and messed up starting new/additional instances.
> Wondering if anyone else has come across any issues with attempting to 
> create and start a new Felix instance in an existing VM, after a 
> previous Felix instance has been shutdown?
> Wondering if I am missing some "golden rule" for the right way to 
> start multiple Felix instances within the lifespan of a single VM?
> Regards
> -- Rob
> Ascert - Taking systems to the Edge
> robw@ascert.com
> +44 (0)20 7488 3470
> www.ascert.com

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