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From "Karl Pauls" <karlpa...@gmail.com>
Subject Re: Felix Shell TUI and JLine
Date Wed, 29 Aug 2007 07:32:26 GMT
> On Aug 29, 2007, at 1:04 , Stefano Lenzi wrote:
> > Richard S. Hall wrote:
> >> What sort of requirements does it have on platform, resources, etc?
> >
> > Anyone can find more information on:
> > http://jline.sourceforge.net/
> >
> > By looking at the pom it seems that JLine rely on standard JRE 1.3,
> > and even if it's not pure Java it runs on Linux, Mac OS X and
> > Windows. For windows it loads an internal DLL and on the other
> > platform it uses the stty command.
> Having native code automatically means it is restricted to certain
> platforms, therefore I would suggest to not make this part of the
> shell TUI itself, since that would mean it would not work everywhere
> (think embedded platforms here, I agree that the Windows, Mac and
> Unix support covers most desktop platforms).

True, but the native code is needed for windows only. So under any
Unix (because it targets the tty directly) it should work regardless
of the platform.

> In my opinion, we should either make it some kind of extension, or
> create a second TUI implementation altogether.
> Greetings, Marcel

I agree in general, but in this case (assuming a couple of issues are
addressed - I mentioned them in a second mail) I think it is doable
inside our current implementation if the code fails gracefully in case
it can't access the tty (which I think it does by default). Let's see
whether the problems I had a while back have gone away by now :-)



Karl Pauls

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