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From Felix Meschberger <fmesc...@gmail.com>
Subject Re: Continuous build
Date Thu, 02 Aug 2007 08:16:04 GMT
Hi Marcel,

Am Mittwoch, den 01.08.2007, 21:58 +0200 schrieb Marcel Offermans:
> On Jul 31, 2007, at 13:23 , Felix Meschberger wrote:
> > If we are at it, it might probably be a good thing to have the  
> > snapshots
> > published somewhere in a M2 Repo ? Yet I am concerned about the sheer
> > number of snapshots, that would be generated as each build is a full
> > build meaning that if something changes in the framework module a new
> > version of all other modules would probably also be deployed ....
> I agree that it would be best to try and only re-publish artifacts  
> that have actually changed. To be honest, I'm not fluent enough in  
> Maven to see how we can best make that happen (whilst still doing a  
> clean build). Any suggestions?

The only solution I have to this is, that each module is built separately and not 
the whole project in one build. AFAIK, maven just deploys what you tell it to deploy: If
it is a single module build, only one module is deplyoed, if it is a multi-module build,
all modules are deployed.

My solution to this in our internal Continuum setup is to really create
entries for each and every module and to only build those modules, which
actually contain changes (or which depend on modules having changes).

> Alternatively I could see if I could make the build not clean up, but  
> that might lead to other issues (in some cases, not doing clean  
> builds might lead to "old" artifacts being included in jars).

Agreed, a build should "clean" before building :-)


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