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From "Stuart McCulloch" <stuart.mccull...@jayway.net>
Subject Re: some maven felix bugs/improvements
Date Fri, 11 May 2007 14:56:34 GMT
Hi Costin,

thanks - can you open issues at http://issues.apache.org/jira/browse/FELIX
for "Maven Bundle Plugin" component, so these features can be tracked :)

On 11/05/07, Costin Leau <costin.leau@gmail.com> wrote:
> Hi guys,
> Using the felix-maven-plugin for Spring/OSGi released, I discovered
> several 'unwanted' and missing features. I'm not sure whether they
> belong to the bnd jar or the maven plugin.
> 1. Extra manifest entries
> I've discovered that when a MANIFEST.MF is available inside the project,
> it's entries are copied to generated manifest. I find this useful since
> it allows me to specify Dynamic imports.
> However, I've found that if Include resources is used, this doesn't work
> any more.

I think this is related to #5 - at the moment the bundle plugin adds
an Include-Resource entry for 'src/main/resources' which may be
picking up your manifest file - adding your own Include-Resource
setting probably overrides this, so it doesn't see it anymore.

This can be addressed in FELIX-261 ... get the plugin to append
maven resource entries with any bnd file specified properties?

> What's the official, supported way of working with it?
> 2. Defaults/empty properties
> Inside our project, we use a lot of properties so that submodules can
> customize the plugin w/o redefining it again. However, it's impossible
> to 'erase'/reset settings to their defaults.
> <properties> <myImportPackage>package</myImportPackage> </properties>
> ...
> <Import-Package>${myImportPackage}</Import-Package>
> If a submodule erases myImportPackage:
> <myImportPackage></myImportPackage>
> then a NPE is thrown by bnd tool. It would be nice if null & empty
> strings should be considered defaults.

This would be a maven-bundle-plugin fix - should be simple.

> 3. Include and -
> Bnd tool allow include to specify several files and allows a - to
> indicate that it's okay if the file is missing. However, the maven
> plugin doesn't like that, it will complain if the file is missing.
> <_include>-missing/file.txt</_include>

this looks like a bug in BND - there's a line in the analyzer that says:

    if ( noFileOk ) ... throw error...

so at the moment it only throws an error for missing files when they
*are* prefixed with a '-', ie. the other way round to the documentation

I'll raise this with Peter.

> 4. Import versions
> The import versions are determined automatically and can't be
> overridden. For example inside Spring/OSGi, we import spring 2.0.5 and
> the resulting imports have version 2.0.
> We want to be more specific such as 2.0.5 or [2.0.5, 2.1) but whatever I
> specify as import package is completely ignored.

I think this is a BND issue again, will raise it with Peter.

> 5. Import-Resource
> Besides allowing it to work alongside 1), it would be nice if the
> resources found inside the classpath could be copied automatically. This
> might be difficult, I realize, but at least some patterns might be used.

This one needs some thinking - the BND tool has a 'pull' approach, which
means it only includes what you ask it to include. This is great for doing
different builds from the same classpath, but means u need to be specific.

If this was added, would probably be a non-default option.

> I'll add also the ability to use the filtered/processed resource and not
> the 'raw' one (see the 'resource filtering and bundle packaging' email
> sent 2 days ago to the list).

vote for FELIX-261 ;)

> Thanks and looking forward to a new version of the plugin.
> It took a while to get it into our project but I think it was worth it.
> Too bad Maven made the task way more difficult then it had to be.
> Cheers,
> --
> Costin

Cheers, Stuart

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