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From "Matthias Luebken" <matthias.lueb...@gmail.com>
Subject Re: Current Roadmap
Date Fri, 18 May 2007 14:47:08 GMT
Hi Rick

thanks for the update.

I suggest that you update the website felix.apache.org so that the
ongoing improvements are reflected on the website. If you don't look
into the Jira Issue Tracker, you don't have the impression that there
is much progress at Felix.


On 5/18/07, Richard S. Hall <heavy@ungoverned.org> wrote:
> Matthias,
> > I am wandering what the current status of your roadmap is?
> > I've read on some slides that you wanted to go to 1.0 soon?
> Yes, we will be working on updating our roadmap very soon (i.e., within
> a week)...
> > If so, what will be the changes to the current version?
> As part of the next release we will include a more formal "change notes"
> from the 0.8.0-incubator release, but the svn trunk effectively
> represents what will be in the next release (e.g., require-bundle
> support, framework extension support, improved logging support, etc.).
> We still need to determine if any other features will make it into the
> roadmap.
> > I am especially asking in regards to this comparison:
> > http://www.pierocampanelli.info/articles/2007/01/22/status-of-opensource-osgi-containers
> >
> > The author noted that the following services are missing:
> > Core Services: Conditional Permission, Permission Admin
> > Optional Services: Device Access, Config Admin, Preferences, Metatype,
> > IOConnector, Initial Provisioning, Declerative Services and XML Parser
> >
> > What services will definitly be in 1.0?
> Well, services and the framework work are reasonably independent. My
> vision is to allow each to have independent release cycles (although I
> imagine that in the future some people might want to create "Felix
> distributions" that aggregate the framework with some services, much
> like Linux distributions are created). Thus, I expect the next release
> of Felix to include the same set of services as the last release of
> Felix, i.e., the shell-related bundles.
> I guess the real question is when are we going to have official releases
> of our various subprojects? I don't know the answer to that, but we will
> need to discuss it when we start preparing our roadmap.
> Regarding that comparison, it is still reasonably accurate except for a
> few services. We have added Config Admin and Metatype services and
> Declarative Services has seen significant improvement (all of these
> thanks to Felix Meschberger). So, in short, we have made progress in
> both framework functionality and service implementations.
> > And when will 1.0 come out?
> This will depend on the roadmap we will define, but I am hoping in the
> next month or two max.
> -> richard

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