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From Clement Escoffier <clement.escoff...@gmail.com>
Subject Re: SCR and compendium services
Date Thu, 03 May 2007 12:56:17 GMT

Felix Meschberger a écrit :
> Hi Richard,
> In Felix-277 you propose to "privatize" the ServiceTracker and make the
> LogService package a dynamic dependency. I think, this is a good idea and
> will, as noted in the issue, implement this.
> While doing this, there is another Compendium Service dependency in 
> the scr:
> Configuration Admin Service. This is a more complicated dependency 
> because
> scr does not only call into the ConfigurationAdmin service but also
> registers a ManagedServiceFactory for factory components. So, if the 
> OSGi cm
> packages are not available, factory components will not work (and
> configuration retrieval by other components may fail).
> What do you think of having scr export and re-import the OSGi cm 
> package ?
> This way, the framework would select the cm package to which other 
> bundles
> get wired and scr will have the OSGi cm packages regardless of whether 
> a CM
> implementation exporting it is available.
It is what I do for the Log service and the Config Admin in iPOJO. It 
increase the size of the bundle but I did not find another acceptable 
The pom file contains folowing BND instructions:
              org.osgi.framework; version="1.3",
              org.osgi.service.cm; version="1.2",
              org.osgi.service.log; version="1.3"
              org.apache.felix.ipojo; version="0.7.1",
                ....... (some other iPOJO packages) .....
              org.osgi.service.cm; version="1.2",
              org.osgi.service.log; version="1.3"



Clement Escoffier
Grenoble University
LSR - Bat. C
220, Rue de la Chimie
BP 53

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