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From Stefano Lenzi <kis...@interfree.it>
Subject Re: [jade-develop] Felix/OSGi and JADE Second Part
Date Thu, 19 Apr 2007 10:54:40 GMT
Nikos Spanoudakis wrote:
> Hi,
> I had experienced the same problem. Initially I had the same approach:
> Create a core bundle and then another bundle (application bundle) with
> my agents that would dynamically import the JADE packages. Then, from
> the application bundle I used the JADE Runtime class in order to
> instantiate my agents. There was a problem there with a class not found
> exception (like Stefano) and I think it is based on the fact that the
> core JADE bundle does not import the packages of the application bundle
> and therefore cannot instantiate the agents. 
That's exactly the issue that I'm having, but in order to work JADE-Core 
should not import the agent classes, because is the example bundle that 
contains the agent classes and it should own all the needed classes

This is a big problem
> because if the core bundle also imports the application bundle libraries
> then one cannot be installed before the other on the OSGi framework.
> Therefore, you need to include the JADE jars in the application bundle
> (as we did in our paper) - work with one bundle.
Your approach may cause trouble when you have to update JADE Framework 
to newer release :S
But it handle perfectly a scenario where there is only a bundle that 
interact whit the JADE World (let's call it JADE Base Driver) and it 
imports Agent as service on the OSGi World and exports special service 
as Agent in the JADE World.
The anyway the above scenario may cause trouble to implement agent 
mobility for agent that are indeed exported OSGi Service

Finally, I would like to inspect and implement a scenario where JADE 
Agent are developed on top of an OSGi Framework.

> Thank you,
> Nikos

Stefano "Kismet" Lenzi

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