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From Stefano Lenzi <kis...@interfree.it>
Subject Re: Manifest Package directive
Date Fri, 13 Apr 2007 13:18:30 GMT
Felix Meschberger wrote:
> Hi,
> On 4/13/07, Stefano Lenzi <kismet@interfree.it> wrote:
>> If the package MUST be imported, why if you look at the manifest of
>> "Shell TUI" bundle you'll see that NO Import-Package header are presentat
>> all!! ( If you want I can attach the manifest )
> I do understand this question the shell.tui's bundle manifest includes an
> Import-Package for org.apache.felix.shell. Therefore the import works as
> expected.
No no. I meant:
"the shell.tui's bundle manifest do no includes a Import-Package for 
org.apache.felix.shell but it works!!!"

It looks like a bug or maybe something that I do not understand about 
OSGi R4 classloading.

> Also why is the "Shell Tui" bundle working?
>> How can it can resolve the class that define the service that it uses?
>> May be that the Felix's classloader uses the Import-Service?
> I would not know of this, but maybe yes. Honestly, I never quite understood
> the Import-Service header.
The OSGi R4 specification states that "Import-Service" should be only 
used for description of the bundle and also the "Import-Service" is 
deprecated, so if Felix is using the "Import-Service" for classloading 
that is a bug
> Regards
> Felix

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