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From David Lindelöf <david.linde...@adhoco.com>
Subject Bundle repository
Date Tue, 17 Apr 2007 14:46:38 GMT
Dear all,

Is it possible for the Bundle Repository to manage several parallel
branches of the same bundle?

E.g., say I have deployed bundle Foo (1.2.3) on machine A and bundle Foo
(4.5.6) on machine B. Assume bundle versions are compatible only if
major and minor versions are the same.

I would like to manage a bundle repository such that when Foo (4.5.7) is
released, machine B gets updated but not machine A. Is this possible?

Best regards,
David Lindelöf
Product Developer
Adhoco AG
Jagerstrasse 2
8406 Winterhur
tel +41-52-203.2903
mob +41-79-415.6641
fax +41-52-203.2904
e-mail david.lindelof@adhoco.com
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weblog http://visnet.ch/~lindelof/smartbuildings/

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