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From "Steven E. Harris" <...@panix.com>
Subject Re: iPOJO lifecycle callbacks -- getting a "context" in hand
Date Thu, 01 Mar 2007 22:43:37 GMT
"Steven E. Harris" <seh@panix.com> writes:

> Is there some other means to receive or retrieve a context analogous
> to the DS component context? Or is this a matter of defining a member
> variable in my component of type BundleContext, expecting it to be
> assigned/injected by iPOJO when appropriate?

After some digging, I see there's a way. The class
org.apache.felix.ipojo.InstanceManager's createPojoObject() method
detects the presence of a constructor with a single BundleContext
argument, around line 355, and calls that if available.

Steven E. Harris

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