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From "Stuart McCulloch" <stuart.mccull...@jayway.net>
Subject Re: Executive summary of maven-bundle-plugin issues
Date Tue, 27 Mar 2007 17:40:08 GMT
Hi Richard,

On 28/03/07, Richard S. Hall <heavy@ungoverned.org> wrote:
> Stuart,
> Thanks for your summary.
> Regarding the suggestion to start with FELIX-199, I think I am in
> agreement there...and it seems only fair since it is the oldest. :-)
> Looking that the patch, it appears that most of its major changes are
> orthogonal to the existing bundle functionality. Thus, I don't see much
> of an issue in applying the patch. I don't know if we need to bother
> with a vote on accepting the patch or not...in truth, I don't know the
> proper process for this. I am included to just see if anyone responds to
> this thread in a day or so to object and if not, then just apply the
> patch for FELIX-199.

Sounds fair to me.

> As a test, I wasn't able to apply the latest unified patch that you
> attached to the JIRA issue, however, Were you able to apply it to the trunk?

Ah, I just did a simple unified diff between trunk and Carlos' branch
so it may be I missed something in the process. Will take a look at
it tomorrow (I'm UTC+8) and come up with a clean (tested) patch.

> I also agree that FELIX-218 is reasonably trivial, so that could be
> applied easily too. I assume that only the last patch is relevant. Since
> this one is so trivial, I could probably go ahead and apply and close it
> before we do FELIX-199, then perhaps you could create a new unified
> patch for 199?

Yes, it's just the last patch that's needed, to map the '_' prefix to '-'.
I'll review, test and upload the definitive FELIX-199 patch tomorrow.

Cheers, Stuart

> -> richard
> Stuart McCulloch wrote:
> > Hi folks,
> >
> > Currently there are 8 open issues for the maven-bundle-plugin. I've
> > written up a
> > short one-line status for each of them (inc. # of votes, whether a
> > patch exists)
> > along with a suggested course of action in another table. (see
> > attached file)
> >
> > The suggested actions are all MHO, so apologies if I've misrepresented
> > any
> > of the issues, or the patches. Please post a follow-up message
> > pointing out
> > any mistakes, updates or alternative suggestions.
> >
> > Basically I recommend looking at FELIX-199 first, as it also solves
> > several
> > other issues. The one thorny area is over maven dependencies: whether to
> > get the user to handle this outside in the pom with other plugins, or
> > to add
> > options to the bundle plugin for the sake of convenience (FELIX-255/262).
> >

Cheers, Stuart

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