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From Tim Moloney <t.molo...@verizon.net>
Subject Re: Has anyone used JAXB within Felix?
Date Wed, 21 Mar 2007 10:02:17 GMT
Here is an email, sent to me off-list, that has other solutions.

I confirmed that the first solution works but I didn't try the second 
since that creates a custom JAXB bundle that wouldn't work in the Felix 

Thanks again for everyone's help on this.


zze-SEYVOZ Stephane RD-MAPS-GRE wrote:
> Hi there, I've actually been working on XFire integration in Felix for 
> a project at my university, and had an interest for it in the context 
> of my internship at France Telecom R&D.
> Here is what I would answer to the problem as it was described (quote 
> below)
> There are 2 different solutions (the first one I drop like this if you 
> don't want to know the details, the second one I haven't used by 
> contains the explanation of the problem) :
> 1) write this method call :
> "Thread.currentThread().setContextClassLoader(this.getClass().getClassLoader());" 
> in your application bundle (not the one containing JAXB) just before 
> the method call of your application that calls internally JAXB.
> This will force the current thread to use the classloader of your 
> application bundle, that (I hope) contains an implementation of a 
> factory or parser that JAXB wants to use. In fact, each bundle being 
> run in a different classloader as you know, JAXB tries to find a 
> parser or factory it hasn't got (this allows you to design the one you 
> want) whereas you surely have an implementation of it in your 
> application bundle. In the case it doesn't find it (through a config 
> file or searching in the current class loader with something like a 
> Class.forName), it falls back on the implementation of the people who 
> wrote the API, for instance as it falls back on com.sun … it's Sun 
> (well yes you knew it ^^)). And in your case it can't even find Sun's 
> one too. The command I gave you may resolve the problem as all the 
> loaded classes of both bundles will then be in the same classloader 
> (whereas it's not the same with the normal behavior of bundles in 
> Felix : one separated Thread per bundle).
> When you're not in Felix, there's surely no problem because the class 
> specified by the config file or that is in the JVM can be easily found 
> as it's loaded in the unique classloader running your application.
> 2) To resolve the same problem, you can export the implementation 
> class of the factory or parser you use in your application bundle A, 
> and import it in JAXB B. But be aware of the package dependendencies 
> of this class, as you also will have to export and import them, for 
> them to be accessible. I haven't tried this thing but it could work, 
> just try not to make the serpent bite its own tail.
> Seyvoz Stephane
> PS : I don't know how to be quoted on the forum/mailing list in order 
> to make everyone see the solution, as my master of internship directly 
> passed me the mails below. Feel free to do what you want with this mail :)

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