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From Tim Moloney <t.molo...@verizon.net>
Subject Re: [commons] Added 2nd round of wrapper POM contributions
Date Mon, 05 Mar 2007 22:19:50 GMT
After using the wrapped bundles a while and thinking about it a bit, I 

I probably led us astray when I posted the first example pom.  Sorry.

Richard S. Hall wrote:
> So, since there is all of this activity, I decided to take a closer 
> look at what was going on. :-)
> The only question that I have is why do we append "-osgi" to the 
> artifact name? Is that just so the resulting artifact name doesn't 
> conflict with the official release?
> If so, why don't we name them using the same approach as Felix 
> subprojects, where the artifact name is:
>    ${groupId}.${subproject}
> Thus, we would end up with names like:
>    org.apache.felix.commons.commons-collections
> It seems more consistent with the way we do things with Felix 
> subprojects, of course, it creates long JAR file names. But we had 
> this debate with Felix subprojects before and it seemed that we 
> decided on long JAR file names...
> Just a thought, anyone else?
> -> richard
> Enrique Rodriguez wrote:
>> Hi, Felix developers,
>> 1)  I committed a 2nd batch of "wrapper POMs" to Felix Commons.  I
>> also updated the status table in Confluence [1].  These were wrapper
>> POMs John Conlon did for Apache Directory.  They are antlr,
>> commons-collections, and jzlib.
>> 2)  I updated the table of "Supporting Projects" to include a column
>> for links to JIRA issues.  There are now links to the JIRA issues for
>> HTTPClient and MINA.  If you have an interest in OSGi support at these
>> projects, then JIRA gives you the option to "vote" for an issue to be
>> addressed.  You can also "watch" the issue for changes.  I'm not
>> encouraging "ballot stuffing" but if you want to see OSGi support
>> directly in 3rd party libraries, then voting for or even creating new
>> issues at relevant projects would be a big help.  We can then update
>> the table.
>> Enrique
>> [1]  
>> http://cwiki.apache.org/confluence/display/FELIX/Apache+Felix+Commons

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