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From "Steven E. Harris" <...@panix.com>
Subject SNAPSHOT deployment frequency
Date Fri, 02 Feb 2007 22:22:35 GMT
I've been tracking Felix's development via Subversion for a while,
building my own snapshots every few days. As more of our development
team starts leaning on Felix, I am faced with at least two choices:

  o Modify the root Felix pom.xml file, changing its
    distributionManagement element to point to my internal
    repositories, so that I can deploy my own Felix builds there for
    internal use.

  o Add the "apache.snapshots" repository to my project's remote
    repository set, and track the public Felix builds that way.

I like the second option, but I noticed that the most recent SNAPSHOT
(0.9.0-incubator-SNAPSHOT) was deployed on 22 December 2006. That
one's not too old yet, but it's hard to know when the next refresh
will come.

With that concern in mind, how often does the Felix team deploy a
SNAPSHOT build to this repository? What criteria triggers such a

Steven E. Harris

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