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From "Rick Litton" <Rick.Lit...@ktd-kyocera.com>
Subject RE: Leveraging OBR's generic dependency mechanism
Date Wed, 21 Feb 2007 23:18:00 GMT

Hi Felix,

Thanks for the link and I'm very grateful for the precious insights
provided by your proposed contribution.  In browsing through the code, I
noticed that you have decided to use background threads to process
bundle events from an internal queue.  Did you envision running the
AssemblyManager constantly or is it "activated" as a one-time process
and stopped after the process has accomplished its mission and repeated
only when necessary?  Also, could the more simple "visitor pattern"
(such as Peter Kriens's FileInstaller) be sufficient to detect and
process the assembly bundles?   

Rick Litton

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I thought, it might be worth it to provide the Assembly support code I
talked about to the public:


Comments welcome :-)


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