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From "Enrique Rodriguez" <enriqu...@gmail.com>
Subject Re: [commons] Added 1st round of wrapper POM contributions
Date Thu, 22 Feb 2007 21:54:20 GMT
On 2/22/07, Carlos Sanchez <carlos@apache.org> wrote:
> are there plans to contribute the configuration back to each apache
> project so they generate jars with the osgi manifest in next versions?
> that's one of the things I had in mind when improving the bundle
> plugin FELIX-199

We haven't discussed what's next re: plans, so I'm glad you brought it
up.  Of course, we encourage projects to take our wrapper POMs and use
them directly, shipping their own bundle versions.  We can add a new
column in the status table where we track which projects and which
versions are being built as bundles and we can deprecate our own

As for actively adding JIRA issues to each project, with pom.xml
attachments, I think we just need to settle on some "best practices"
before we go out and say "this is the best way to produce a bundle
POM," though I expect that to settle shortly.  We also need to synch
up with Eclipse since we should provide consistency for OSGi
developers in general.  Eclipse will continue to maintain Orbit, since
it's part of their process for qualifying 3rd-party jars, but we can
make sure our bundlized versions aren't too different from each


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