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From "GERODOLLE Anne RD-MAPS-GRE" <anne.gerodo...@orange-ftgroup.com>
Subject RE: Is there a Maven plugin to install a bundle to OBR?
Date Tue, 13 Feb 2007 11:45:44 GMT
Hi Richard,

Sorry, I was simply not aware that there was already an "obr update
<bundle>" command. I am always using the GUI to use OBR !
However, I have juste made some tests and I did not obtain the results I
was expecting (or maybe I did not operate corerctly).
I installed a bundle (say, 10) using obr from
http://<repository>/mybundle1.jar . Then I put on the repository a new
version of the bundle, say, http://<repository>/mybundle2.jar,  then I
updated the repository.xml to reference this new version.
I was hoping somehow that "obr update 10" would update bundle 10 with
the new version, which it did not. So I don't really see the difference
between "update 10" and "obr update 10". I have also tried "obr update
<bundle_name>" without any effect.

Let me point again that I am using Oscar, and the old classical obr, and
I am generating repository.xml using some homemade tool, maybe my
problem is related to some information missing (or extraneous) in our
repository.xml . 

Thanks for your help


>I don't understand why you would want this as opposed to the current
OBR update mechanism. OBR will update >an installed bundle to the latest
version of that bundle using the normal OSGi update mechanism.

-> richard

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