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From Tim Moloney <t.molo...@verizon.net>
Subject Re: Is it possible to <Include-Resource> from a jar file?
Date Sun, 11 Feb 2007 01:47:59 GMT

You are correct.  The "inline" format rule describes my first suggestion 
(with the addition of the "!" separator between the jar file name and 
the path inside the jar file).

However, the resource file is copied with the same path, no renaming or 
relocating.  The "assignment" format rule (which allows 
renaming/relocating) doesn't work for jar files.  This probably isn't a 
big deal since it is not likely to be needed very often.

Unfortunately, I still have to manually copy the jar file from the maven 
repository to the maven project directory for the "inline" rule to 
work.  Is there a way to make the maven-bundle-plugin find the jar file 
in the maven repository?  A second solution would be to automate copying 
the jar file from the repository to the project directory.  Automating 
the copy may be possible now in maven, but I haven't been able to figure 
out how.


Richard S. Hall wrote:
> Tim,
> Perhaps the wiki needs to be updated, because it looks like this might 
> have changed since it was created, but check the web page for BND, it 
> seems like it says it does what you want.
>    http://www.aqute.biz/Code/Bnd
> -> richard
> Tim Moloney wrote:
>> Tim Moloney wrote:
>>> Tim Moloney wrote:
>>>> I'd like to include resources from a jar file that I'm repackaging 
>>>> as a bundle.  The documentation for maven-bundle-plugin state that 
>>>> an entire jar can be inlined or single files outside a jar can be 
>>>> included in the resulting bundle.  What I'd like to do is include 
>>>> single files from a jar (e.g., LICENSE.txt).
>>>> If this functionality isn't there now, could it be implemented?  
>>>> Something like the following would be so convenient.
>>>> <Include-Resource>
>>>>  @foo.jar/META-INF/LICENSE.txt,
>>>>  @foo.jar/META-INF/NOTICE.txt
>>>> </Include-Resource>
>>>> Thanks,
>>>>  Tim
>>> I was able to get the result that I needed by using the following.
>>> <Include-Resource>
>>>  @foo.jar
>>> <Include-Resource>
>>> Unfortunately, this requires copying the jar file to the project 
>>> directory (which I don't know how to do in maven).  I guess the 
>>> "@foo.jar/path/to/file" syntax originally suggested would have to 
>>> find foo.jar in the classpath.
>>> Thanks,
>>>  Tim
>> Considering there could be multiple files with the same name in 
>> different jars, then the syntax really should be something like:
>> <Include-Resource>
>>  META-INF/LICENSE-foo.txt=@foo.jar/META-INF/LICENSE.txt,
>>  META-INF/LICENSE-bar.txt=@bar.jar/META-INF/LICENSE.txt
>> </Include-Resource>
>> Tim

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