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From Lucio Biondi <lbio...@olijo.com>
Subject Little issue with native libs on amd64 platforms
Date Mon, 05 Feb 2007 18:15:18 GMT
Hi, Richard

I noticed a little issue trying to load in the framework a bundle containing
native libs (I humbly apologize if I'm wrong).

This is what my pom.xml contains regarding the libs


Felix converts the "os.arch" property returned by the JVM from "amd64" to "x86-64"
that gives rise to R4LibraryClause.normalizeProcessor to return "x86" as the
expected platform, hence leading to throw an exception.

Indeed in normalizeProcessor you can read

if ( value.startsWith("x86") )
    return "x86";
    if ( value.startsWith("x86-64") ) // this is never reached, of course
        return "x86-64";

Imposing on this email, could anyone tell me as well why the maven-bundle-plugin
throws this warning

[WARNING] Unknown attribute in native code: native/libclib_jiio.so=;

In the pom no equal sign is present, although actually I'm not sure that's the reason.


Lucio Biondi

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