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From "Richard S. Hall" <he...@ungoverned.org>
Subject Re: Felix OBR, bindex
Date Fri, 26 Jan 2007 15:21:39 GMT
Hampel, Michael wrote:
> Hello,
> I am using the Felix RepositoryAdmin on equinox, which works really
> fine.
> To create my repository.xml I am using the bindex tool provided by Peter
> Kriens.
> I now ran into a problem which I am not really able to solve:
> I install the pax log4j bundle for using  log4j in my services. 
> This bundle exports the package org.apache.log4j.xml with a uses clause
> for
> javax.xml.parsers. The javax.xml.parsers package is also stated in the
> import-package clause.
> If I activate the bundle in equinox via the console everything is ok,
> equinox starts the bundle
> and states that javax.xml.parsers was found in the System Bundle.
> Now I want to install an apache-commons package, which has a dependency
> on log4j with the help
> of RepositoryAdmin.
> This fails in Resolver.resolve() as the Resolver dedects the unsatisfied
> requirement javax.xml.parsers
> for the pax log4j bundle.
> Of course my repository.xml has no entry for javax.xml.parsers and my
> bundle repository does not have the jar file.
> Can someone please guide me in the right direction how to solve this
> problem?

So, do I understand correctly that you did not install the pax log4j 
bundle using OBR? If you did, then I wonder why OBR was able to deploy 
it in the first place, if it cannot resolve its dependency.

Regardless, OBR works by not only using the resources in your 
repository.xml file as sources for resolving dependencies, but it also 
uses your installed bundles as sources for resolving dependencies. So, 
if javax.xml.parsers is available in your system, then it should find it.

Since it sounds like this is being supplied from the system bundle, I 
guess you could try to print the headers of the system bundle to see if 
it shows that it exports javax.xml.parsers (I assume there is some way 
to show bundle headers in Equinox).

If the system bundle is exporting it, check its version, etc. and see if 
it matches the version, etc. that is being imported by pax log4j. If 
not, then that is your issue. If so, then I don't really know. Perhaps 
you could try it on Felix in that case.

> Another thing I encountered when using the bindex tool was the
> following:
> I am also using maven and therefore I want to use the maven repo as
> bundle repository.
> Of course not all jar files in the maven repo are OSGi bundles.
> When bindex generates the repository.xml it adds entries like
> <resource id='28' symbolicname='Untitled-534725839' uri='xxx.jar'
> version='0.0.0'>
> for all non OSGi bundles to the repository.xml.
> When initializing the RepositoryAdmin with this repository.xml the
> process fails with a NullPointerException as the resource is
> missing a presentationname attribute, which is used in the felix
> ResourceComparator.
> Can I alter this behaviour(bindex or felix obr) somehow via settings or
> do I have to change the code?

It sounds like you have to change the code...either modify OBR to handle 
missing values more elegantly or bindex to ignore non-bundles. However, 
the easiest approach might be to just edit your repository.xml file to 
delete invalid resources.

-> richard

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