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From Emil Ivov <em...@emcho.com>
Subject Re: release of (Felix based) SIP Communicator 1.0-alpha1
Date Thu, 04 Jan 2007 15:48:46 GMT
Great! Glad you like it!

Chat logging with search is already available. Yahoo messenger was not 
on our priority list but if that's what you need then we'll make sure it 
gets there ;).

We'll drop you a note when it's ready!


Richard S. Hall wrote:
> Emil Ivov wrote:
>> Hey hey :) Have no fear the link is here:
>> http://sip-communicator.org
> I installed it and played with it for a bit...looks good. I logged into 
> my Jabber account, but it is a lesser used account and I don't have ICQ 
> or MSN account...
> If you can get Yahoo working and chat logging with search (I see these 
> on the road map), then I could probably use this instead of Gaim...we 
> should all be obliged to do so, since it uses Felix, huh? :-)
> Very cool.
> -> richard

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