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From "Alan D. Cabrera" <l...@toolazydogs.com>
Subject Re: maven-bundle-plugin proposal
Date Fri, 26 Jan 2007 20:03:03 GMT

On Jan 26, 2007, at 5:30 AM, Richard S. Hall wrote:

>>> This would allow people to easily achieve the same behavior as  
>>> the old plugin by simply doing:
>>>    <embed-dependency>*;scope=compile,*;scope=runtime</embed- 
>>> dependency>
>>> Thus, this instruction would automatically embed any maven  
>>> dependencies that were of scope "compile" or "runtime" and append  
>>> them to the bundle class path.
>>> What do you think?
>> I like that finer degree of control that this gives but think that  
>> we should stick to using XML elements.  I think that it's bad form  
>> to mix-in OSGi manifest like patterns in a Maven POM, especially  
>> when those patterns govern the behavior of a Maven plugin.
> Do you have a proposal? I think it would be quite ugly/verbose to  
> break such syntax out into XML elements.
> I am not sure I understand why there is a constraint on the form of  
> XML used by a plugin. It is almost as if you are saying that BND's  
> syntax isn't Maven-like enough.
> This is a plugin for creating OSGi bundles, so it seems to make  
> sense for it to be comfortable for OSGi developers. Don't you think?

It's not the end of the world if the plugin uses this syntax.  This  
could arguably be a bike shed issue but let me give what I think is a  
relevant analogy.

Let's say that we are writing a unix command that submits jobs to a  
VAX/VMS system; gee I hope people remember DEC.  One could say that  
we should allow the VAX/VMS command flag syntax, e.g. "/OUT" to be  
used for this unix command instead of the standard "-o" because it  
makes sense for it to be comfortable for VAX/VMSers.  We would allow  
other unix options like "-v" and "-h", etc., hence we would be mixing  
the two nomenclatures.

Not very pretty, in my opinion, in spite of my prowess and love for  
VAX/VMS.  It also causes problems for projects that may want to  
automatically generate scripts that may include this command because  
not only do those projects need to know unix commands but they must  
remember that there was this one project that was nostalgic for VAX/ 
VMS command syntax.

Part of the power of POMs is not the terseness of its expressions but  
that there is a single lingua franca.  XML provides easy access for  


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