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From Peter Kriens <Peter.Kri...@aQute.biz>
Subject Re[2]: maven-bundle-plugin and dependencies
Date Wed, 03 Jan 2007 15:01:52 GMT
A package is a java package. OSGi is VERY java package centered. The
plugin can use wild cards for packages names in Import-Package,
Export-Package, and Private-Package.

If you tell the plugin which packages from the classpath (the maven
dependencies) should be inside your bundle using Export-Package or
Private-Package then the plugin will caclulate the missing parts and
make an Import-Package header automatically.

For example:

    Export-Package: com.acme.*

This will include and export all packages on the classpath that start
with com.acme. The IMport-Package header will depend on what those
classes refer to.

Kind regards,

     Peter Kriens

GL> On Tue, January 2, 2007 8:20 pm, Richard S. Hall wrote:

>> Generally speaking, the plugin will only include into your bundle JAR
>> file the packages you list in <Export-Package> or <Private-Package>.
>> other packages will be imported. So, if you list packages from Eclipse
>> inside of these declarations, then you are telling the plugin to embed
>> them.

GL> I still don't follow.

GL> What is a "package" in the above explanation? An OSGI bundle? A maven
GL> dependency? A Java package?

GL> Or to ask the question another way, how does my maven bundle project
GL> depend on another Eclipse OSGI bundle / plugin, without importing that
GL> plugin into my maven bundle project?

GL> I see no distinction between maven dependencies and OSGI dependencies in
GL> the docs, thus the confusion.

GL> Regards,
GL> Graham
GL> --

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