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From Zdeněk Louženský <zdenek.louzen...@webcreation.cz>
Subject Re[2]: felix in applet
Date Tue, 02 Jan 2007 20:27:20 GMT
OK, so if I understand correctly I could start felix framework inside
my applet calling Felix.start() method and as one parameter I will
pass a list of references to the BundleActivator implementations?

> Zdeněk Louženský wrote:
>> Thank you,
>> but I still don't know how to use felix in the applet. Could be the
>> felix framework part of the applet or should I run felix on server?
>> Is there any tutorial how to use it?

> You can create a Felix instance inside of your applet. Since you have 
> not described what you are trying to achieve, it is difficult to 
> determine if this makes sense.

> Felix is just like any other class, you can just create an instance of
> it inside of your code...the link below shows you some of the steps 
> necessary for doing so.

> I will shortly be working on completing the document referenced below to
> go into more details, but until then you can just ask on the mailing 
> list. The biggest "trick" is that the Felix.start() method takes a list
> of bundle activator instances that you can use to allow your host 
> application to gain access to the system bundle's bundle context (these
> passed in activators will get started/stopped when the system bundle is
> started/stopped).

->> richard

>> Zdenek
>>> Zdeněk Louženský wrote:
>>>> please could somebody help me? Is it possible to start and use felix
>>>> osgi framework in java applet?
>>> I would think that this should only be complicated by the security 
>>> policy you are running under. Assuming that the applet has all 
>>> permissions, then it should be pretty straight forward. You just need to
>>> create an instance of Felix. There is some unfinished documentation on
>>> how to launch and embed Felix here:
>>> http://cwiki.apache.org/FELIX/launching-and-embedding-felix.html
>>> This should give you some idea of how to create a Felix instance.
>> ->> richard

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