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From "Richard S. Hall" <he...@ungoverned.org>
Subject Re: When and how to adjust org.osgi.framework.system.packages
Date Mon, 11 Dec 2006 03:55:53 GMT

Steven E. Harris wrote:
> Right. I'm leaning toward building the entire application as a set of
> bundles, but got distracted when you pointed out and I discovered that
> Felix.start() will accept bundle activators that are part of the
> application itself. The existence of that feature made me start
> thinking that maybe I should reconsider the relationship between
> what's "inside" and "outside" the framework.

Keep in mind that that feature is there for people that HAVE to have 
their application on the outside of the framework. If you can choose to 
build your application entirely as bundles, then this is the preferred 
route. At worst, you should only have to write a custom launcher.

> Maybe what I'm missing is a cookbook, a set of examples. How did the
> OSGi visionaries anticipate we'd build applications using OSGi? Is it
> analogous to Servlets or EJB, where we start with the assumption that
> our application is running in a container, and try not to think about
> how that container gets going? It would be a simpler to be able to
> hold that point of view.
> On the other hand, the users of my application won't care or know
> anything about OSGi; it's just an implementation detail that I have to
> hide, so it's important to work out how the program starts up and
> assembles itself -- requiring views both from outside and inside the
> container.

The OSGi view is that there is nothing outside of the framework trying 
to manipulate the bundles on the inside. Most frameworks have such 
capabilities, but those are implementation specific. If you are not 
dealing with legacy stuff, then I believe you should have everything you 
need to build your application completely as a set of bundles. Ask Rob 
Walker, he has been doing this for years with his company.

-> richard

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