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From <rl16...@sbcglobal.net>
Subject Re: Felix and Eclipse PDE roadblock
Date Mon, 11 Dec 2006 01:26:52 GMT
FW: Felix and Eclipse PDE roadblockJeff,

I will be happy to oblige.  Unfortunately, I was not very systematic in my approach and my
notes are somewhat convoluted at the moment.  But I will try to clean things up and open an
issue report as soon as possible.  Aside from the "split package" issue, I was somewhat concerned
with the usage of the manifest declarations.  For example, I noticed that a couple of the
import-package declarations were not working when set with some options.  Since I was not
sure if those options were supported in R4 or were specific to Eclipse, I took the KISS approach
("Keep it stupidly simple") and removed the optional labels.  Thereafter, the imports worked.
 Unfortunately, I did not keep a copy of the original manifests so my task is to download
them again and do a diff.    



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From: Jeff McAffer [mailto:Jeff_McAffer@ca.ibm.com]
Sent: Sun 12/10/2006 6:01 AM
To: felix-dev@incubator.apache.org
Subject: RE: Felix and Eclipse PDE roadblock

Great news!  Can you open bug reports in Eclipse/Equinox/Bundles for any
changes that you think should be made in Equinox to make this work more
seamlessly?  Please send me or equinox-dev any additional info you might
have so we can add this to the wiki and others can benefit.

As for the "split package" (org.eclipse.core.runtime) we certainly did not
do this willingly.  We tried and tried to avoid it but in the end could
not without breaking backwards compatibility.  The extension registry API
have been around for many years and are widely used.  Unfortunately, the
registry APIs were tightly coupled with the original Eclipse runtime API
(we never envisioned that the runtime would exist independent of the
registry) so are stuck.  This is similar the the way the OSGi service
registry APIs are coupled to the OSGi modularity APIs.

Anyway, if Felix supports Require-Bundle then this should all just work
(i.e., we are not doing anything Eclipse-specific in this area). According
to the R4 spec, Require-Bundle is the only way to join two or more package
fragments from different bundles.


"Rick Litton" <Rick.Litton@ktd-kyocera.com>
12/10/2006 03:06 AM
Please respond to

<felix-dev@incubator.apache.org>, <felix-dev@incubator.apache.org>,

RE: Felix and Eclipse PDE roadblock

I finally got the equinox extension point registry running.  It was not
easy to say the least. I had to make some changes to the equinox code and
manifest files. It's still a long way off from being perfect but it seems
to work (see below)!

-> ps
   ID   State         Level  Name
[   0] [Active     ] [    0] System Bundle (0.8.0.SNAPSHOT)
[   1] [Active     ] [    1] Apache Felix Shell Service (0.8.0.SNAPSHOT)
[   2] [Active     ] [    1] Apache Felix Shell TUI (0.8.0.SNAPSHOT)
[   3] [Active     ] [    1] Apache Felix Bundle Repository
[   4] [Active     ] [    1] OSGi R4 Core Bundle (4)
[   5] [Active     ] [    1] OSGi R4 Compendium Bundle (4)
[   6] [Active     ] [    1] Servlet 2.1 API (0.8.0.SNAPSHOT)
[   7] [Active     ] [    1] Eclipse Equinox Supplement
[   8] [Active     ] [    1] HTTP Service (0.8.0.SNAPSHOT)
[   9] [Active     ] [    1] Eclipse Equinox Common (
[  10] [Active     ] [    1] Eclipse Equinox Registry
[  11] [Active     ] [    1] Application Plug-in (1.0.0)

Will need to add the equinox http bundles in lieu of the felix http since
my example requires this service.  One issue that could have been avoided
was the doubling of the package name "org.eclipse.core.runtime" in two
equinox bundles (common and registry).  From experience with Oscar, this
can be problematic. If there is an area for "examples" in the Felix
repository I can probably check in the files with a readme to explain what
was done.

Thanks to Richard and Jeff ("the McAffer guy")!

-- rick

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From: Rick Litton [mailto:Rick.Litton@ktd-kyocera.com]
Sent: Sat 12/9/2006 10:14 AM
To: felix-dev@incubator.apache.org; felix-dev@incubator.apache.org
Subject: RE: Felix and Eclipse PDE roadblock

Hi Jeff,

Thanks for the tip.  I will try it...



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From: Jeff McAffer [mailto:Jeff_McAffer@ca.ibm.com]
Sent: Fri 12/8/2006 8:09 PM
To: felix-dev@incubator.apache.org
Subject: Re: Felix and Eclipse PDE roadblock


As a point of interest, you should be able to use the Equinox Supplement
rather than org.eclipse.osgi.  This bundle is designed to supply the bits
of the Equinox framework that are needed in other OSGi scenarios.

I believe some folks in Equinox land have gotten the registry working on
Knopflerfish.  Not sure if they have tried Felix.  Perhaps you should ask
on the equinox newsgroup for some guidance.  I'm sure they would be happy
to compare notes


"Rick Litton" <Rick.Litton@ktd-kyocera.com>
12/08/2006 01:57 PM
Please respond to


Felix and Eclipse PDE roadblock

I'm still trying to get the extension points registry to work in Felix
and unfortunately, I have hit a roadblock.  After trying out several
combinations and pruning the eclipse core bundle (as Richard Hall has
suggested) to remove redundant osgi core classes, I have created the
following dependency graph to help illustrate the problem:

       /---> org.osgi.compendium


       |  (requires: org.osgi.util.tracker package)


       |---> org.osgi.core


       |  (requires: org.osgi.service.permissionadmin package)


       |     org.eclipse.osgi_3.2.1R32x <----\

       |            ^                        |

       |  (requires:|org.eclipse.osgi.service.urlconversion package)

       |            |                        |

       |---- org.eclipse.equinox.common      |

       |               ^                     |

       |               |                     |

       |               |                     |

       \---- org.eclipse.equinox.registry    |

                       |                     |

                       |                     |


          (requires: org.eclipse.osgi.service.datalocation package)

I hope the graph is displayed correctly by your mail client.  Anyhow, I
was getting quite a few BundleExceptions "Unable to resolve due to
constraint violation").  So I removed all the optional bundles and
proceeded to test each one.  Immediately, the BundleException came up
after I had just added/started the org.osgi.core  bundle.   I certainly
would welcome any suggestion to resolve this problem.

Rick Litton

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