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From "Rick Litton" <Rick.Lit...@ktd-kyocera.com>
Subject RE: Felix and Eclipse PDE
Date Wed, 29 Nov 2006 17:51:12 GMT

Thanks Jeff for the quick response.  Yes, I would certainly like to try out your suggestion
and load up those bundles.  My only concern is if there could be some issues supporting two
registries simultaneously (Felix bundle registry and Equinox extension registry).  But perhaps
this is a good strategy to maintain a separation of concerns.  I understand from your recent
book on RCP, you mentioned somewhere that the Equinox team felt it was not practical to convert
extension points to plain OSGi services.  But now it seems that this perception has changed
with the adoption of declarative services for the extension point mechanism.  Not knowing
much about how Equinox implemented extension points, I had earlier implemented a similar but
simplistic version of this concept using an IExtensionPoint service api in Felix (then Oscar).
 This was borne out of necessity (project deadline) more than anything else.       

P.S. I read your sample chapter on RCP (Chapter 2).  Kudos on an excellent book!  I would
recommend it even if you are not into RCP since it has valuable info on Eclipse.

-- rick

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From: Jeff McAffer [mailto:Jeff_McAffer@ca.ibm.com] 
Sent: Tuesday, November 28, 2006 8:17 PM
To: felix-dev@incubator.apache.org
Subject: RE: Felix and Eclipse PDE

The Eclipse extension mechanism is an addon service/mechanism analogous to 
declarative services.  That is, you should be able to take the 
org.eclipse.equinox.registry bundle (and its prereqs) from Equinox and use 
it on other frameworks.  In the case of the registry I suspect you would 
need the o.e.equinox.common and o.e.equinox.supplement bundles.  The 
latter supplies implementations of various services that are included in 
the Equinox system bundle as part of its implementation strategy.  We are 
just redoing how we manage the supplement bundle so a new one will appear 
in builds soon (or already has).  I know that people have run the registry 
on Knopflerfish.  Perhaps you would be interested in trying it out on 
Felix and reporting back to the Equinox team?


"Rick Litton" <Rick.Litton@ktd-kyocera.com> 
11/28/2006 03:13 PM
Please respond to


RE: Felix and Eclipse PDE

Hi all,


The area of extension points is quite important for my organization.  I 
was wondering if anyone can provide an update on this issue.  Is anyone 
from the Felix community working to make Eclipse and Felix interoperable? 
Is there some sort of timeline to implement extension points in Felix?  If 
not, why not?  Thanks!


Rick Litton


From: Chris Aniszczyk [mailto:zx@us.ibm.com] 
Sent: Tuesday, October 17, 2006 9:03 AM
To: felix-dev@incubator.apache.org
Cc: pde-ui-dev@eclipse.org
Subject: Felix and Eclipse PDE


On a side note, the PDE team from Eclipse would like everyone to know that 
as of Eclipse 3.3M2 (
) PDE supports pluggable OSGi frameworks (see the release notes). This 
allows other OSGi frameworks to be launched like Equinox is (also it 
allows for reusability of the launch configuration UIs and other things).

There is an OSGi framework extension point (
) that interested OSGi frameworks can extend.

Currently only Equinox is supported (
) but we would appreciate feedback from the Felix community if someone 
would like to create a Felix extension. We want to make sure this API is 
stable for Eclipse 3.3 and would love if the Felix community could help 
the evolution of this API.

If you have any questions using this API, please feel free to email the 
pde-ui-dev@eclipse.org mailing list.


Chris Aniszczyk
Eclipse Committer

Inactive hide details for Clement Escoffier 
<clement.escoffier@gmail.com>Clement Escoffier 

Clement Escoffier <clement.escoffier@gmail.com> 





Re: Work with Felix but how?!


Clement Escoffier <clement.escoffier@gmail.com> - Monday, October 16, 
2006, 12:50 PM


Please respond to felix-dev@incubator.apache.org 


I migrate (endly) the tutorial : Felix Integration inside Eclipse on the 
Felix Wiki Page :



Francesco Furfari a écrit :
> Hi all,
> Clement has written a tutorial about Felix integration inside eclipse, 
> see 

> I think it should be added to the Felix wiki.
> best,
>  francesco
> Simon Willnauer wrote:
>> Cheers guys!!
>> I already build the sources thank you!
>> I will let you know about the integration of felix in GData.
>> best regards Simon
>> On 10/6/06, Richard S. Hall <heavy@ungoverned.org> wrote:
>>> I would also recommend the following:
>>>     * http://cwiki.apache.org/FELIX/building-felix.html
>>>     * http://cwiki.apache.org/FELIX/felix-usage.html
>>> The first tells you the steps necessary for building Felix since it is
>>> currently only accessible from SVN and the second is a reasonably
>>> up-to-date usage document.
>>> -> richard
>>> Pierre Parrend wrote:
>>> >  Hello Simon,
>>> >
>>> >  you can refer to the Oscar project, which is the project where 
>>> comes
>>> > from.
>>> >  you will find a general documentation here :
>>> > http://oscar.objectweb.org/
>>> > a 'get started' page here :
>>> > http://oscar.objectweb.org/usage.html
>>> > and a tutorial that introduces the main OSGi feature from a 
>>> developper's
>>> point
>>> > of view :
>>> > http://oscar-osgi.sourceforge.net/tutorial/index.html
>>> >
>>> > on the main page, you will also find a list of project that have 
>>> build on
>>> > oscar, I assume that some of them have moved to Felix.
>>> >
>>> >  And, last, the main difference between Oscar and felix is that 
>>> implements
>>> > OSGi Release 3, and Felix is almost ready to implement all mandatory
>>> OSGi
>>> > Release 4 features.
>>> >
>>> >  enjoy !
>>> >
>>> > Pierre
>>> >
>>> > Quoting Simon Willnauer <simonw@apache.org>:
>>> >
>>> >
>>> >> Hi there,
>>> >>
>>> >> I read a lot about felix and OSGi and I actually can not wait to 
>>> it. I'm
>>> >> planing to integrate the OSGi system into another apache project
>>> (Lucene
>>> >> GDataServer) but have no experience with it so far. I was looking 
>>> for
>>> some
>>> >> "Getting Started" or examples tutorials to get into the framework 
>>> how to
>>> >> integrate all the features OSGi / Felix offers. I got to the
>>> documentation
>>> >> part of the website and tried to read the Felix OSGi Tutorial (
>>> >> http://cwiki.apache.org/FELIX/felix-osgi-tutorial.html) and I had 
>>> login,
>>> >> so I registered and logged in but I got no permission to read it. I
>>> would
>>> >> love to read this part of the documentation, can anyone of you 
>>> tell me
>>> how
>>> >> ;).
>>> >> If any of you have some more documentation / tutorial hints for me 
>>> would
>>> >> really appreciate it.
>>> >>
>>> >> Are there any OpenSource projects around using Felix so far?
>>> >>
>>> >> best regards Simon
>>> >>
>>> >>
>>> >
>>> >
>>> >

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