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From Peter Kriens <Peter.Kri...@aQute.biz>
Subject Re[2]: Can maven-ant-plugin create a Felix bundle?
Date Thu, 09 Nov 2006 08:47:12 GMT
The bnd program is also an ant task. It should be quite
straightforward to take the pom and transfer this to a bnd file, the
<instruction> elements of the maven plugin are the same as the bnd
files headers. Your ant script then only has to compile the sources
and run the bnd task.


Kind regards,

     Peter Kriens
TM> Thanks for the reply.

TM> I too primarily use Maven since I think that Maven is awesome.  However,
TM> it is not nearly as pervasive as Ant and it is a bit "needy".

TM> It needs access to the Internet, not only to get project dependencies,
TM> but to also get all of Maven plugins, which can be quite a lot.  For 
TM> those without access to the Internet, this is a problem.  Granted, you
TM> can initially build on an Internet-connect machine, then move the local
TM> repository to the disconnected machine.  However, the local repository
TM> includes a lot of dependencies for someone who just needs to build the
TM> software but not do development.

TM> My hope was to use Maven to do development of a project on an 
TM> Internet-connected machine.  Then, when the project is released, I would
TM> also release the project's sources, an ant build.xml file, and all the
TM> project's dependencies.  This would be the smallest complete set of 
TM> requirements for someone to build the project from source.  This set of
TM> requirements would be much less than those required to build the project
TM> using Maven.

TM> Perhaps this is just too much to ask.  Thanks again for the reply.

TM> Tim Moloney

TM> Felix Meschberger wrote:
>> Hi Tim,
>> I have none, sorry, as I stopped using ant the moment I went maven :-)
>> Regards
>> Felix
>> On 11/8/06, Tim Moloney <t.moloney@verizon.net> wrote:
>>> No suggestions or comments?
>>> On Monday, 30 October 2006, Tim Moloney wrote:
>>> > Is it possible for maven-ant-plugin to generate a build.xml file that
>>> > will create a Felix bundle?
>>> >
>>> > Without changing my pom.xml, I ran "mvn ant:ant: to generate a
>>> > build.xml file.  Running ant on that build.xml does create a jar file
>>> > that installs and resolves in Felix but it certainly doesn't execute.
>>> >
>>> > Documentation on maven-ant-plugin is a bit slim.  It just describes
>>> > the one goal (ant:ant) with its two parameters (localRepository and
>>> > project||).
>>> >
>>> > Perhaps I'm expecting too much from maven-ant-plugin?
>>> >
>>> > Tim Moloney
>>> >
>>> >

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