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From Toni Menzel <tonimen...@gmx.de>
Subject Re: shutting down felix
Date Thu, 23 Nov 2006 15:59:29 GMT
Do you use a recent build of felix?
There has been an issue 
(https://issues.apache.org/jira/browse/FELIX-169) that seems to be 
similar to that.
It's fixed since 6th of november..

Emil Ivov schrieb:
> Hello guys,
> First I'd like to congratulate all Felix developers for the great work 
> you are doing. We've been previously using Oscar and now Felix for SIP 
> Communicator and have always been completely satisfied with their 
> quality and  reliability.
> I have a quick question regarding shutting down the Felix framework. 
> Right now we're doing it by stopping the 0 bundle. Personally I was 
> expecting that this would result in individually stopping all 
> installed bundles but their Activator.stop() methods don't get called. 
> My first question is therefore - Is this supposed to be the case?
> If yes, i.e. if stopping the framework is not supposed to call 
> Activator.stop() for every bundle, then what is the commonly accepted 
> way (if any) of performing pre-shutdown operations? Should every 
> bundle add a framework/bundle/service listener and monitor the state 
> of the framework in order to detect it when it is about to get stopped?
> Cheers
> Emil

Toni Menzel

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