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From Toni Menzel <tonimen...@gmx.de>
Subject are Extension- headers proprietary ?
Date Wed, 15 Nov 2006 17:14:53 GMT

I'm just playing with some sample bundles using eclipse for tooling support.
There, looking at the headers of examples/dictonaryservice, there are 
some lines beginning with
for example Extension-Name.

I think this is a (proprietary) extension in equinox or the 
Eclipse-Plattform itself.
As equinox being the "reference implementation" (I heard this at a 
tutorial by Jeff McAffer at the JAOO Conference), is this a close to 
OSGi (maybe next gen) stuff or just for more comfortable eclipse tooling?

btw: is there an easier way using eclipse as bundle development 
plattform for felix itself and take benefit from the rich tooling 
support without having to:
1. convert each project to be a "plugin" (that's not that bad)
2. have to sync (!!) manifest files manually from the pom.xml ? (that is 
what the maven-plugin does)
Even worse, I have to keep that stuff in sync manually.. :-(

Thanks & best regards,

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