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From "Richard S. Hall" <he...@ungoverned.org>
Subject Re: [VOTE] Release approach
Date Thu, 09 Nov 2006 06:17:48 GMT
Ok, I think it has been long enough to call this vote.

    * +1 votes - Richard S. Hall, Karl Pauls, Clement Escoffier, John E.
      Conlon, Cameron Taggart, Rob Walker, Rick Litton, Nektarios K.
      Papadopoulos, Alex Karasulu, Francesco Furfari, Manuel Santillán,
      Felix Meschberger, Didier Donsez, Marcel Offermans, Stephane
      Frenot, Glyn Normington, Enrique Rodriguez, Olivier Gruber, and
      Jose L. Ruiz.
    * 0 votes - none.
    * -1 votes - none.

I am happy to see this vote pass overwhelmingly so that we can move 
forward quickly with an initial release.

At this point, we can start the next steps required for creating the 
initial release, which are:

   1. Solicit feedback about any outstanding issues from the example
      release archive previously posted (and subsequently creating a new
      example release to deal with any raised issues).
   2. Choose a person to be the release manager (I will start this
      discussion in a separate message next).
   3. Once the release manager feels we are in good shape, I guess we
      will need to vote on the release.

Not much left to do now!!

-> richard

Richard S. Hall wrote:
> In order to make progress on a public Felix release, I propose that we 
> use a simple "zip-file" release approach as opposed to an 
> installer-based approach. Please vote on your preference.
> [  ] +1 Agree to a zip-file approach for Felix release.
> [  ] 0 I don't care.
> [  ] -1 Opposed to a zip-file approach for Felix release.

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