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From Francesco Furfari <francesco.furf...@isti.cnr.it>
Subject Re: help about JMX notifications
Date Mon, 06 Nov 2006 12:40:36 GMT
Ya, good point.
The example you mention does not consider recursion. If it has to be 
"... consistent with the rule that a given type always implies the same 
list of other key properties."

I guess we should use a schema like the following, where everything is 
an UPnPDevice type

UPnP:type=UPnPDevice, UDN= "... id ....." ,  parentUDN= "even empty" ,  
chidrenUDN="even empty"
UPnP:type=UPnPDevice.UPnPDevice, UDN= "... id ....." ,  parentUDN= "..." 
,  chidrenUDN="..."
UPnP:type=UPnPDevice.UPnPDevice.UPnPDevice, UDN= "... id ....." ,  
parentUDN= "..." ,  chidrenUDN="..."

or distinguish between root and embedded devices

UPnP:type=UPnPDevice, UDN= "... id ....." , chidrenUDN="even empty"
UPnP:type=UPnPDevice.EmbeddeUPnPDevice, UDN= "... id ....." ,  
parentUDN= "..." ,  chidrenUDN="..."
UPnP:type=UPnPDevice.EmbeddeUPnPDevice.EmbeddeUPnPDevice, UDN= "... id 
....." ,  parentUDN= "..." ,  chidrenUDN="..."

(the used types could be also RootUPnPDevice and UPnPDevice for ones 

what do you prefer  or what else you suggest?
Are such containment hierarchies automatically managed by the current 
JMX consoles? just curious :-)


Didier Donsez wrote:
> Francesco Furfari wrote:
>> Thanks Didier for the reference.
>> So far I tried a very simple approach and my types are basically 
>> strings and hashtables.
>> I have just committed a directory trunk/upnp.doc you can use to 
>> launch  the  configurations (same as mosgi, but you should check out 
>> also upnp.jmxbridge and upnp.jmxbridge.tab on my sandbox).
>> The jmx bridge registers a ControlPoint MBean that notifies the 
>> Remote UPnP console about new registered UPnPDeviceMBean on the 
>> managed platform. The console then gets the XML description of the 
>> device and display the RootDevice on the TreeViewer . The actions 
>> execution is mapped on  the "invokeAction" operation specifying the 
>> serviceId of a service. Selecting a root device and clicking on the 
>> Import button the UPnPDevice is registered on the platform.
> What do you plan to do for sub-devices (ie embedded device such as IGD) ?
> You could reuse the Object Name Conventions used by the JSR 77 (for 
> J2EE mbeans).
> http://java.sun.com/products/JavaManagement/best-practices.html#mozTocId366979 
> gives some naming conventions for "hierarchical mbeans"
> Didier
>> This approach for the moment is functional to console GUI  i was 
>> thinking  to use, and I guess it is not very attractive for generic 
>> JMX console. I have not idea if using generic console we can achieve 
>> a good interaction model with remote devices. When a first stable 
>> implementation will be ready we can discuss about it.
>> The code is still incomplete see commit logs for details.
>> francesco
>> Manuel Santillán wrote:
>>> Well, Until recently I was not very fond of open mbeans, since they 
>>> are way to cumbersome to create. You had to handcraft the 
>>> serialization of data. It was really SNMP-ish. Recent support of 
>>> open mbeans in Java 6 simplifies it significantly, though...
>>> Didier Donsez escribió:
>>>> Manuel Santillán wrote:
>>>>> Hi Francesco,
>>>>> Notifications in JMX can embed custom data if you like. Take a 
>>>>> look at the javax.management.Notification#setUserData(Object o) 
>>>>> and its related getter. One thing to take into account is that  
>>>>> you need to have knowledge of the type in the client. Hope it 
>>>>> helped!!
>>>> Hum, JMX best practices recommend to reuse open mbean types
>>>> So you can display your notified user data in off-the-shelves JMX 
>>>> consoles (JConsole, ...)
>>>> You can have also a look on 
>>>> http://java.sun.com/products/JavaManagement/best-practices.html#mozTocId199275

>>>> Didier
>>>>> Cheers
>>>>> //manuel
>>>>> Manuel Santillán
>>>>> Francesco Furfari escribió:
>>>>>> Dear Stephan , Manuel,
>>>>>> I need some hint about the notification mechanism in JMX.
>>>>>> I've figured out that mbean notifications allow to send only 
>>>>>> simple messages.
>>>>>> If  a client needs to receive complex data it has to pull the 
>>>>>> data using, for example, the sequence number obtained in a 
>>>>>> previous notification message.
>>>>>> Is this correct or I'm missing something?
>>>>>> thanks in advance
>>>>>> francesco

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