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From "Richard S. Hall" <he...@ungoverned.org>
Subject Re: Felix release approach
Date Fri, 03 Nov 2006 16:49:36 GMT
One other comment I should add, I am not anticipating that we release 
every bundle in the first initial release. I think the initial release 
will only include shell, shell.tui, bundlerepository just to get things 
going. Of course, we can debate this as part of this process, but the 
main goal is to just get something out there ASAP.

-> richard

Richard S. Hall wrote:
> Two weeks ago I started to get frustrated about not making any 
> progress on a Felix release. The main blocker for me is that I don't 
> really know anything about the installer package we have set up to do 
> "fancy" release packages with services, nor do I have enough time to 
> try to learn about it right now. In the end, I got to thinking that we 
> don't actually need to have a "fancy" release for our first release 
> and could instead just work on a simple "zip-file" release that people 
> just download and unzip.
> I worked with Karl Pauls over the last few days to create a simple 
> archive release that could meet the Apache release requirements. I put 
> an example of such a zip-file release for Felix 0.8.0 at:
> http://people.apache.org/~rickhall/felix-src-0.8.0-incubator-SNAPSHOT.tar.gz 
> Karl has examined this example release with the RAT tool, so we think 
> we have most of the issues covered. The purpose of this message is to 
> get feedback on two issues:
>   1. Whether or not everyone agrees that we should just go ahead with a
>      simple zip-file release. (I will call a formal vote on this in a
>      separate message so we will know one way or the other how to 
> proceed.)
>   2. Assuming that we do agree on (1), get feedback on the above
>      example release in case there are any issues that we still need to
>      address.
> If we can get consensus on this approach, then we can vote on the 
> release itself (assuming that we can fix any issues that may exist), 
> vote on a release manager to take responsibility for the release, and 
> then take the release to the incubator PMC.
> -> richard

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