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From "Chris Custine" <chris.cust...@gmail.com>
Subject Re: Programmatic/non-shell-based interface to OBR
Date Wed, 29 Nov 2006 19:38:48 GMT
I am getting ready to do something similar for a web admin interface but
haven't gotten far enough to try this...  My thoughts were to just create a
repository admin object from the bundle context, get the resolver (example
in the bundlerepository Activator), then follow along the same lines as the
_deploy method in ObrCommandImpl.  I didn't see any connection to the

Did I misunderstand your question?


On 11/29/06, Steven E. Harris <seh@panix.com> wrote:
> First off, I need to thank the Felix developers for a great
> product. I've been able to integrate the Felix OSGi framework into my
> project with just a few days of study and experimentation.
> A difficult requirement in my project involves discovery and
> resolution of plugin dependencies. The client application needs to be
> able to download a plugin (an OSGi bundle), and then figure out which
> other plugins it must download and install before using the first
> plugin. Unlike Eclipse, we'd like to rely on the Import-Package and
> Export-Package header rather than the more explicit but less flexible
> Require-Bundle.
> The bundlerepository bundle contains all the code to do this
> dependency discovery, but it's wrapped up and tangled in with the
> Felix shell. I spent a long time studying
>   org.apache.felix.bundlerepository.ObrCommandImpl
> before I realized that much of the _deploy() method is using
> interfaces from the org.osgi.service.obr package. That suggests that
> there's supposed to be some available programmatic means to do what
> the OBR-related commands offer in the shell.
> Next I found the class
>   org.apache.felix.mosgi.managedelements.obrprobe.ObrProbe
> which implements the ObrProbeMBean interface's deploy() method. This
> implementation looks slimmed down from ObrCommandImpl's _deploy()
> method; I haven't yet figured out the difference between the two,
> beyond using LDAP-style filters in the former.
> Beyond using liberal cut-and-paste, is there some prescribed way for
> an application embedding Felix to incorporate this kind of
> deploy()/_deploy() capability? Searching the Web repeatedly for
> discussion on this topic has only led me back to reading the source
> code.
> Follow-up question: Couldn't most of the bundlerepository bundle be
> teased apart from depending on the shell?
> --
> Steven E. Harris

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