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From "John E. Conlon" <jcon...@verticon.com>
Subject Re: Which OSGi plugin to bet on?
Date Thu, 30 Nov 2006 15:28:15 GMT
I'd like to put in a plug for the new plugin;-)

One notable functionality versus the old plugin, is that it helps to
reduce the manual entry of exports and thus it reduces pom brittleness
and complexity. (Refactoring of package names will not be as prone to
breaking a bundle.)

The other benefit of the new plugin is that if you like to validate your
newly created bundles (like me) you can use* the plugin's command line
sibling (Of course you can use it with any bundle...):
java -jar bnd-0.0.98.jar \
print /home/jconlon/projects/svns/apacheDS/sandbox/jconlon/osgi-

*tip - it's easy to copy and past the bundle jar path output from your
'mvn install' command.

And last but not least, Peter's support is outstanding!


On Thu, 2006-11-30 at 15:37 +0100, Peter Kriens wrote:
> There are no outstanding issues as far as I know.
> If you use the new plugin as you would use the old plugin, there would
> have been no bugs. This bnd plugin has considerably more horse power. The
> plugin allows you to control the manifest headers in very fine grained
> detail, something that was not possible with the old. Most errors we
> found were actually verification issues, the plugin was sometimes a
> bit too pedantic and overzealous in checking.
> So I would definitely go for the bnd based plugin, I promise to fix
> anything quickly when you run into an issue.
> Kind regards,
>      Peter Kriens
> PN> Hi gang,
> PN> we are wondering which Maven OSGi plugin we should bet on when
> PN> starting to make some changes to support things like Require-Bundle
> PN> statements etc from the POM? Peters BND sounds very nice but it seems
> PN> the older one is more stable etc etc.
> PN> Cheers
> PN> /peter

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