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From "Richard S. Hall" <he...@ungoverned.org>
Subject Publishing Felix snapshots
Date Thu, 19 Oct 2006 18:58:06 GMT
I had been publishing snapshots of various Felix subprojects after 
someone complained that the JARs in the snapshot repository were out of 
date (before that complaint I didn't even know about the snapshot 

A couple of weeks ago I tried to publish a new framework snapshot (with 
"mvn deploy") and got an error, so apparently something had changed, so 
I decided to dig around on the general@incubator.apache.org mailing list 
to see if I could find anything.

I have only been subscribed to the general@incubator list for few weeks 
now and apparently we missed some discussion around incubating projects 
and maven repositories. I uncovered two things that are important to us:

   1. A suggestion to use a new versioning scheme that clearly indicates
      that our artifacts are from the incubator
   2. A suggestion to use a new maven parent pom for incubating projects
      The new parent pom is

I would really like to publish some new snapshots, since a lot has 
changed since the last snapshots were published (in August, I think). I 
am hoping that the new parent pom will clear up the problem I am 
currently having with publishing snapshots since I believe we are 
currently pointing to the wrong snapshot repository.

I know we want to push for graduation, but if we want to publish 
snapshots now I think we have to address these two issues.

What are people's thoughts on this?

-> richard

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