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From "Richard S. Hall" <he...@ungoverned.org>
Subject Re: Graduation vs. release
Date Mon, 18 Sep 2006 06:48:12 GMT

Felix Meschberger wrote:
> First of all, I would thank everyone for the great work which has been
> done here ! It is really a pleasure using Felix.
> Second, I would very much welcome a release, of course. IMHO it needs
> not be a 1.0 release, but it might enhance visibility of the product
> in the community.

Yes, I wasn't thinking of a 1.0 release either, I was thinking of 
finishing off the 0.8.0 release that we started a few months back.

Thanks for your support.

-> richard

> + 1 to cut a release (nonbinding)
> + 1 to include bundlerepository with the release (nonbinding)
> Regards
> Felix
>> I think all of the above subprojects are ready to go as is with respect
>> to their functionality. The following is a list of some loose ends that
>> need to be tied up:
>>     * Fix all headers to meet the requirements defined in
>>       http://www.apache.org/legal/src-headers.html.
>>     * Create an appropriate LICENSE file.
>>     * Create an appropriate NOTICE file.
>>     * Determine how the OSGi interface source and classes must be 
>> handled.
>>     * Determine version numbers for subprojects, especially those that
>>       will be released along with the framework.
>>     * If we release bundle repository as part of the framework install,
>>       then determine what we will do for the repository.
>> We can also debate whether or not this is an actual release or a dry
>> run, but I don't see much point in that. If we get all of this stuff
>> done, then it will effectively be a real release, so no dry run is
>> really necessary. We can still label it as a "release candidate" or
>> whatever we want, but I would argue for making it publicly available
>> since we have to figure out how we are going to do that too and we can
>> possibly get feedback on the release...once we graduate we can just
>> change its label to "final" or we may actually get some feedback on
>> issues that we can resolve for the official release after graduation if
>> we make the release public now.
>> Comments on the above and on things that I am forgetting are welcome.
>> -> richard
>> p.s. I have created JIRA issues for the above and have attached them to
>> version 0.8.0.

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