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From Clement Escoffier <clement.escoff...@gmail.com>
Subject Extension Problems in the repository
Date Sun, 03 Sep 2006 08:51:23 GMT

As said two or three weeks ago, there is a but when installing bundles 
in the Maven Repository (bad extension in the repository 
($artifactID.ipojo-bundle or $artifactId.osgi-bundle)).The problem is 
very strange because it happens only when you use reactor. Individually 
all is ok.

I reproduce the bug when the two following configuration :

If you write the your pom file with these modules :

The ipojo bundle will be bad installed in the repository (with the 
extension .ipojo-bundle). That is exactly what happens today with Felix. 
The arch command bundle is bad installed in the repository.

If you inverse the two modules :

The osgi-plugin will be installed in the repository with the bad 
extension (.osgi-bundle).

Each maven plugin, impacting the packaging, should customize an handler 
to indicate the packaging type (in the component.xml)... The two plugins 
have this handler. Moreover, these handlers works (when installed 
individually, the extension are ok). With Reactor it seems that these 
two handlers are not called correctly, or the configuration seems to be 

The handler of the iPOJO plugin has the following configuration ( it is 
a copy of the osgi-bundle plugin ) :

We can add an other optional property in this configuration : 
<packaging> but when I add :
the individual  install process does no more works (the bundle is 
installed with the bad extension ).

Has somebody an idea to solve this problem ?


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