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From BJ Hargrave <hargr...@us.ibm.com>
Subject Re: [VOTE] Felix Commons Initiative
Date Tue, 01 Aug 2006 13:47:48 GMT
You are suggesting hosting modified copies of the JAR files created by 
others. There is a whole set of legal issues here. You will need a legal 
team to review these issues for all non Apache JARs. 

> Heck, even the OSGi Alliance didn't publish their JARs as bundles.

Not sure what you mean here? Perhaps this was true in the distant past. 
But all the JARs published by OSGi today have the proper manifest headers. 
If they don't please file a bug report.

BJ Hargrave
Senior Technical Staff Member, IBM
OSGi Fellow and CTO of the OSGi Alliance
Office: +1 407 849 9117 Mobile: +1 386 848 3788

"Richard S. Hall" <heavy@ungoverned.org> 
08/01/2006 08:08 AM
Please respond to


Re: [VOTE] Felix Commons Initiative

BJ Hargrave wrote:
>> [   ] +1 Accept the proposal.
>> [   ] 0 I don't care.
>> [ X ] -1 Reject the proposal.
> I would rather see effort put into Maven to make it painfully simple for 

> all JARs for be bundles by default.

So, what you are saying is that the entire world should use Maven? I am 
not sure we can swing that, but the Maven team would certainly like us 
to enforce it...

Heck, even the OSGi Alliance didn't publish their JARs as bundles.

The point is, this is not an "either or" issue...we are doing the maven 
plugin too, but there will still be JARs that this will not cover.

-> richard

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