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From "Richard S. Hall" <he...@ungoverned.org>
Subject Re: OSGi R4 specification compliance (part 2)
Date Fri, 11 Aug 2006 12:25:22 GMT
Arnaud Quiblier wrote:
> I read in a thread named "OSGI R4 specification compliance" that Felix
> passed the OSGi's TCK.
> This is really interesting news.

Felix does NOT pass the TCK...if it did, there wouldn't be any need to 
volunteer. :-)

Felix is close to passing the TCK for mandatory spec features.

> Yes, I'm a volunteer ...
> Can you give us issues you consider as High Priority ?

The TCK results page lists all of the issues that need to be worked on:


I am currently in the process of working on require-bundle 
(FELIX-28)...I imagine after that I will look into fragments (FELIX-29). 
I don't have any time table for either of these, but hopefully 
require-bundle will not be that far off.

Any of the other issues are fine to consider for implementation.

> Must issues tagged "0.8.0" in Felix's JIRA be considered as urgent ?

Issues tagged for "0.8.0" are important if/when we get ready to make a 
public release of Felix, but they are generally not related to passing 
the TCK.

I would say that the most self-contained issues would be: FELIX-23, 
FELIX-26, FELIX-27, and FELIX-32. Perhaps FELIX-31, FELIX-100, and 
FELIX-102 wouldn't be too bad either.

Just pick one and look into it...I can answer any questions that you 
have and will be more than happy to discuss any potential approaches if 

Good luck.

-> richard

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