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From Didier Donsez <didier.don...@imag.fr>
Subject contribution proposal
Date Sun, 16 Jul 2006 15:29:27 GMT
Dear Felixers

I propose several bundles to the Felix community.
Some are utilities, some are demos for utilities or for standard 
services, some are standard services implementations.

Those bundles were originally developed for Oscar.
Most of them were tested (or/and ported) to Felix.
For others, minor patchs are required.

All bundles sources, documentations and Jar files are in 

The script illustrating the demos are available here : 

Best regards


wireadminbinder        : is an ADL engine to build dynamic wired 
applications (automates wire creations and destructions)
wireadminbinderdemo    : a demonstration of wireadminbinder

Example of WireAdmin producers and consumers
* consumerservlet    : monitors sereval types of producers (Measurement, 
Float/Double, Position, Image, ...)
* dateproducer        :
* fictivemeasurementproducer : provides a producer generating fictive 
* fictivepositionproducer    : provides a producer generating fictive 
* freevmmemproducer    : provides a producer giving  the free amount of 
the JVM memory    
* gpspositionproducer    : provides a producer producing Positions from 
a GPS receiver connected to a serial port (true or emmulated (USB,BT).
* onewireproducer    : provides producers (one per sensor) producing 
Measurements from OneWire sensors (ie iButton). Sensors can be hot 
plugged and unplugged
* poitracker        : provides a GPS consumer and an event publisher 
(EventAdmin) when the GPS position is close to a POI (Point of Interest)
* webcamproducer    : provides a producer images grabbed from USB 
webcam. embeds JMF.

producerqueryservice     : provides a producer aggregating data consumed 
from several producers. Aggregations are defined as SQL-like queries.
producerqueryservicedemo : provides a demo for the producerqueryservice.

eventadmin         : a EventAdmin implementation which respects 
causality between (sent and posted) events and executes in parallel 
handlers (thread pool).
eventadmincmd         : a command to test EventAdmin (create and send 
events, subscribe to events (ie EventHandler).

eaivybridge         : a bridge to propagate 
org.osgi.service.eventadmin.Events between gateways. It uses the IVy MOM.
easienabridge         : a bridge to propagate 
org.osgi.service.eventadmin.Events between gateways. It uses the Siena 
MOM (not completly implemented).
eaflashbridge        : a bridge to propagate 
org.osgi.service.eventadmin.Events from/to Flash applications.

io            : provides a simple implementation of the OSGi IO 
Connector service (R3 Chapter 13,R4 Chapter 109). requires 
iocmd            : provides a utility command to use/test the IO 
Connector Service
mailio            : provides a ConnectionFactory to send mails thru the 
IO Connector Service. This bundle embeds and uses two jar files: 
mail.jar (the Javax Mail Framework) and activation.jar (the Java 
Activation Framework)
dataio            : provides a ConnectionFactory demonstration for the 
jmio            : exports javax.microedition.io package

DNS-SD (aka mDNS, aka Apple Rendez-Vous, aka Apple Bonjour)
jmdns            : provides a service and a command to use (register and 
search entries) the mDNS library done by Arthur van Hoff.
dnssdeventpublisher    : provides a Event Admin publisher for DNS-SD events

jmxagent        : provides a JMX MBeanServer registering "MBean" 
services (according to the whiteboard pattern)
snmpadaptor        : provides a SNMP adaptor relying on the internal 
SNMP adaptor of the Sun JVM (5.0)
timermbean        : provides a sample of MBean service (TimerMBean)
adminmbean        : provides a MBean service to manage the gateway
spoon-jmx        : provides a processor which generates a MBean from a 
annotated POJO (Java 5.0 annotation). It is a specialization of this 
jmxhandler        : see the iPOJO section

junit4osgi        : provides a command and a servlet to test Test 
services (according to the whiteboard pattern).
junitclasses        : export junit packages
junitmoney        : demo for junit4osgi
junitmoneytest        : demo for junit4osgi

MonitorAdmin (part of the MEG draft)
monitoradmin        : (incomplete) implementation of the Monitor Admin.
monitorjobcmd        : utility command to create monitoring jobs
memorymonitor        : demo for the MonitorAdmin
memorymonitorjob    : demo for the MonitorAdmin

nativecs        : demo to show how to invoke C# DLL in bundle (requires 
a 10 line-long patch in Felix)

Utility commands
scriptcmd        : extra shell commands 
scriptplugin        : GUI plugin to script commands
stresscmd        : commands (bench,invoke) to invoke services methods 
for a script !

Lazy Installation
serviceondemand        : enable to install (and activate) bundles 
providing services only when they are used (on getService() method 
invocation). uses the OSCAR version of the OBR for the deployment.
serviceondemanddemo    : demo for the serviceondemand


tinyupnp        : provides a UPnP control point for PDA. requires the 
INSA Lyon' TinyGUI
upnpcmd            : provides a command to list and handle UPnP devices
upnpgendevice        : provides a generator of UPnP device skeleton to 
ease device implementation. Embeds the skeletons of all the devices 
specified by the UPnP Forum

upnpogd          : provides a UPnP device to manage remote gateways thru 
UPnP. OGD means "OSGi Gateway Device")
upnpogdcmd         : command to invoke operations on OGD devices

Examples of UPnP devices
* simpleupnptv        : provides a emulated TV set with 1 standardized 
service (SwitchPower) and 2 proprietary services (VolumeSelector, 
* upnpposition        : provides a UPnPDevice which provides GPS 
positions from a GPS receiver connected to a serial port
* upnpthermometer    : provides a UPnPDevice providing a simulation of 
the UPnPService urn:schemas-upnp-org:service:TemperatureSensor:1
* upnpwebcam        : provides a UPnPDevice that displays/gets images 
from a USB WebCam connected to the gateway. Embeds JMF
* upnpdsc        : provides a UPnPDevice implementing the UPnP Digital 
Security Camera profile. This bundle displays/gets images from a USB 
WebCam connected to the gateway. imp currently 2 of the 3 services.
* onewireupnpdevice    : provides dynamically UPnPDevice services for 
each 1-Wire sensor connected to a 1-Wire network. Sensor could be 
Temperature sensors, Humidity sensors, ...

iPOJO (with Clement)

jmxhandler        : provides a iPOJO handler to add a MBean to a iPOJO 
component. not released for the moment.
eventadminhandler    : provides a iPOJO handler to enable event 
publication and subscribtion by an iPOJO component. not released for the 

RXTX and Javax.comm
rxtx            : provides the RXTX API implementation for serial and 
parallel communications
rxtxcmd            : provides a command to send/receive bytes to/from a 
serial/parallel port
javaxcomm        : provides the SUN javax.comm API implementation for 
serial and parallel communications (->licence issues)
javaxcommtest        : provides a command to send/receive bytes to/from 
a serial/parallel port

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