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From "Richard S. Hall" <he...@ungoverned.org>
Subject Re: Running Felix within Eclipse
Date Fri, 14 Jul 2006 19:20:19 GMT
Francesco Furfari wrote:
> Richard S. Hall wrote:
>> Stefano Lenzi wrote:
>>>> From there all you should have to do is create a Java Launch 
>>>> Configuration and run.  Of course if you change the code in the 
>>>> workspace then you have to run Maven again and get new JARs generated.
>>> That's what I want to avoid when I'm coding...
>> I don't use Eclipse in this way, so I cannot really offer too much 
>> advice.
>> You could install the JAR by reference, e.g., "install 
>> reference:file:/path/to/jar", but you could run into some issues if 
>> you majorly change the structure of your JAR file.
> I guess Stefano is referring to changing the code interactively 
> without regenerated the Jar.
> I'm still using a standard Java project without mvn plugin, in this 
> configuration when I set a breakpoint, for example in the "switch 
> on/off" action of the TV bundle, and during the debugging I save a 
> modified version of the source code (without new types or any other 
> heavy modification)  the debugger is able to reload the class  (I'm 
> supposing) and update the execution flow immediately. Of course if you 
> stop Felix and restart it again your changes are lost, but it's 
> sufficient to save again the sources (e.g with a new blank space) to 
> force again the reloading of the class.
> All that installing the bundle in the standard way (not references ...)

I think this still works because Peter was showing me how to do some 
debugging in Eclipse at ApacheCon and we did this exact thing. Although, 
the way I set it was was to connect to a running VM...I did not run 
Felix from Eclipse...but I don't think that would be much different that 
if you created a launcher in Eclipse.

I don't really know.

Also, as another option, you can install exploded bundle directories by 
reference too.

-> richard

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