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From Stefano Lenzi <kis...@interfree.it>
Subject Re: Running Felix within Eclipse
Date Fri, 14 Jul 2006 12:22:44 GMT
> Yes I had osgi.core in my classpath due to project dependencies of the 
> project org.apache.felix.main to org.osgi.core so to get it working
> had to:
>  - go to run configuration
>  - go to classpath
>  - ensure that felix.jar is there( if you followed the instruction of 
> Clement should be here) otherwise add it
>  - move it up so that felix.jar become the first line under User Entries
> Now is working back ^_^

I was happy too early...  :-S
Right now, I'm able to run Felix within Eclipse, but when I update the 
source code of my bundle and then I start Felix, Felix do not notice the 
difference(Felix continues to use the old binary code).
	So I end with a binary that is not synched with the sources and also 
without the update that I have made to it.

	Any idea?

Stefano "Kismet" Lenzi

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